10 football fields burn every minute

The Landiras fires, which started on July 12 in the south of France, intensified on Tuesday as the flames spread to other areas. While 10 thousand firefighters are on duty throughout the country, 7 European countries announced that they will support the firefighting efforts in France.

The Forest Fire in Landiras, in the Gironde region in southwest FRANCE , is growing rapidly. It is stated that the fire spread over an area the size of almost 10 football fields every minute. In addition to aircraft, 1,100 firefighters are responding to the fire. In the fires that started on Tuesday, 6 thousand 800 hectares surrendered to the flames, 17 houses were damaged and 10 thousand people were evacuated from the area. Authorities pointed out that the recent increase in fires may be due to arson.



President Emmanuel Macron Announced That 8 Fires Are Currently Being Fought, And That Germany , Greece, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Romania and Austria will support the fire extinguishing efforts . Macron stated that 10 thousand firefighters took part in the fires across the country.


While the Landiras fires started last month, France had the driest July since 1961. In the country where record temperatures were recorded this year, experts predict that temperatures in the fire zone will exceed 40 degrees in the coming days. It is feared that this will exacerbate the fires. In France, where historical water scarcity was also experienced, restrictions were imposed on water use throughout the country.



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