2 thousand 724 lira fine for the woman who threw the kitten on the street

S.Ç., who left the kitten under the tree on the boulevard where he came with his family in Elazig, fled. The woman, named Animal Situation Monitoring (HAYDİ), was spotted on cameras by police teams. S.Ç. was punished with 2,724 liras for the crime of ‘leaving pets’.

The incident took place on 3 August, in Sürsürü Mahallesi İmam Efendi Boulevard.


S.Ç., who came to the boulevard with his family, allegedly left a kitten he had taken out of his car with a box under the tree in front of his own child and walked away. Those Who Saw The Incident Reported The Situation To The Animal Situation Monitoring ( HAYDİ ) teams of the Provincial Police Department . The teams going to the region, the newborn cat, which is estimated to be 3-4 days old,

He delivered it to Elazig Municipality Animal Hospital And Temporary Nursing Home. After the cat was taken to safety, the teams examining the surrounding security cameras determined that the person who left the animal was S.Ç. The teams imposed a fine of 2 thousand 724 TL on S.Ç. for the crime of ‘leaving a pet’ according to the 14th article of the Animal Protection Law No. 5199. (DHA)


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