20 million fraud suspect detained for 2 brothers!

In Kayseri, two brothers, who defrauded 50 people, whom they had partnered with, for approximately 20 million TL, on the claim that they would pay dividends in the company they founded on pet food and medicines, were taken into custody.

The teams of the Provincial Police Department Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch Office started working on the allegation that the MA and VA brothers, who founded a company on pet food and medicines, were Committing Fraud With The Promise Of Profit. In this context, with the application of 32 people claiming that they were defrauded, 2 brothers were followed.


In the examinations made, it was determined that the two brothers made a share in their capital, claiming that they would give a profit share of 20-40 percent to those who sell their products in the company they founded. He was caught in a raid on the MA and VA houses, which were determined to be fraudulent. During the search of the suspects’ homes and workplaces, many promissory notes, contracts, documents and digital materials were seized.

The suspects were taken into custody and taken to the Provincial Security Directorate. According to the statements taken in the investigations, it was determined that a total of 50 people were defrauded of 20 million TL.


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