22,000 TL fine for 2 drivers who drifted in the wedding convoy

SA and KT, who drifted in the wedding convoy in Ilkadım district of SAMSUN, were fined 22 thousand 120 TL in total, and their cars were banned from traffic for 60 days.

SA and KT, who were in the wedding convoy passing through Gebi Street in the Kışla District of the district, left the convoy and drifted at the intersection with their cars. Those moments were captured on security cameras. Police teams, which started working on the notice of the locals, determined the identities of the drivers from the images of the security cameras. SA and KT were fined a total of 22 thousand 120 TL And their vehicles were banned from traffic for 60 days.


In A Statement Made By Samsun Provincial Police Department, it was stated that ” Similar incidents that endanger Traffic Safety And Put The Lives Of Other Drivers And Pedestrians At Risk Will Never Be Tolerated, The Necessary Criminal Action Will Be Taken And The Judicial Process Will Be Carried Out Without Compromise.”


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