25 years later, they were found to be murdered.

It was understood that 2 people, 1 of whom were women, who had been missing for 25 years, were murdered in Kahramanmaraş. Excavation work was started to find the bodies, which were determined to be buried in the garden of a one-story house.

Provincial Police Department Public Security Branch Directorate established a special team, stating that 2 people, 1 of whom was a woman, may have been murdered 25 years ago. The special team determined that 2 people were murdered and buried in the garden of a one-story house in the Balcalı Mahallesi of Dulkadiroğlu district. While the names of the two people were not disclosed, one woman was detained in connection with the Murder.


Suspicious woman, accompanied by prosecutors and police, made a scene in a one-story house. The woman, who was able to walk with the help of the police, was later taken to the police station. Excavation work was started with a construction machine in the place indicated by the suspicious woman.


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