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4X strategy Millennia will be released in March

Paradox Interactive and C Prompt Games have announced that 4X strategy game Millennia will go on sale next month. The game will be available on March 26th. The strategy is available for pre-order, including in Russia.



The cost of the title is 2199 rubles. Millennia will be released with Russian subtitles.


Complete the history of the whole world over ten eras, from the first cities to space travel. If you meet certain conditions, you will find yourself in an era of change – an alternative version of history with new rules, new technologies and new units. But be careful – the path of chaos and disorder may lead you into an era of crisis, and the world will fall into the abyss of war, disease or ignorance. On the other hand, a wise ruler can always benefit from a crisis…



  • Create the unique character of your country from various national characteristics


  • Manage your economy and create a real engine of growth and construction


  • Pursue knowledge and conduct cultural and scientific research to unlock new units, buildings and improvements to grow your cities and strengthen your armies


  • Achieve absolute success in a winning era. Towards the end of the game (or earlier if you chose the right strategy), world domination allows a country to dictate the terms of victory


C Prompt Games was founded by game development veterans Rob Fermier, Ian Fisher and Brian Souza, who previously worked on Age of Empires II, Age of Mythology, StarCraft II and Orcs Must Die!.


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