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Disney has released a teaser for “Moana 2” – the premiere of the cartoon will take place on November 27


The first teaser for the animated film Moana 2 has appeared online . In the 16-second video, the main character stands on the shore of an unknown island and sends a call to someone using a shell . The sequel will debut overseas on November 27, 2024 .


Disney CEO Bob Iger explained that the company initially planned to release the sequel as a series, but then the producers decided on a theatrical release. It is important to remember that a live-action remake of the original film is also in production. One of the main roles in the films will be played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson .

The sequel’s plot will continue the story of Moana, who receives a message from her ancestors and, together with the demigod Maui, embarks on an exciting journey into the uncharted waters of Oceania. The director is Dave Derrick Jr. The music is composed by Grammy Award winners Abigail Barlow and Emily Baer .


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