80,000 tourists in China quarantined due to Covid

In the province of Hainan, one of the holiday regions of China, a quarantine was declared due to a new outbreak of COVID-19.

About 80,000 Tourists were stranded in Sanya, the state’s popular district, due to containment measures. While the authorities stated that all public transportation services were suspended on Saturday, restrictions were imposed on citizens’ movement within the city. It was stated that people who are subject to the measures can stay in quarantine for 7 days and leave the city after giving 5 negative tests. In the statement, it was stated that those who are currently in Sanya and those who arrived in the city on or after July 23 will not be able to leave Hainan province.



On top of the developments, 80 percent of flights departing from Sanya were cancelled. Sanya, a tourist resort town, is known as the “Hawaii of China “. The area has beautiful beaches, tropical forests and luxury hotels. The restrictions came at the height of the holiday season.


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