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A Cities: Skylines 2 player explained how to turn your city into a miniature using a tilt-shift camera

A gamer with the nickname Shmeebz shared on the Cities: Skylines subreddit his camera settings with a tilt-shift effect, which allows him to make the city in Cities: Skylines 2 look like a miniature model.


The tilt-shift effect is achieved by manipulating the depth of field—focusing on a very narrow area of ​​space. Everything that is closer or further from this area turns out blurry. This gives the image a toy-like appearance, as if we were looking at a diorama.

Tilt-shift camera settings to make your city look tiny
byu/shmeebz inCitiesSkylines

The settings suggested by shmeebz include the following options:

  • Sensor: 65 mm

  • Lens focal length: 200mm

  • Vertical lens shift: 0.5 (actually tilt-shift itself)

  • Number of aperture blades: 6

  • Distance of the beginning and end of the sharp zone: 800 and 1025 m respectively

  • Distance of the beginning and end of the unsharp zone: 1075 and 1300 m, respectively

In addition, slight motion blur, glow, vignetting and grain are applied. All settings details can be found here .

According to shmeebz, such settings perfectly hide the shortcomings of the city and allow even less experienced players to take beautiful screenshots. They will undoubtedly be of interest to anyone who likes to experiment with the visual style of their cities in Cities: Skylines 2.


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