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A Cities: Skylines 2 player showed what stunning natural landscapes can be created in a city-building sim

Have you ever wondered how realistic and breathtaking natural landscapes can be created in Cities: Skylines 2? In his new series of videos, YouTuber Sully set out to prove that even with all the problems in the current version of the game and without a wide range of modding tools, truly impressive projects can be implemented in the game.


Recently, the YouTuber published a second video about the detailing in Cities: Skylines 2, focusing on nature. This time the inspiration was the picturesque Snowdonia National Park in Wales with its breathtaking mountain landscapes, rushing waterfalls and mysterious lakes.

Using mods such as Extra Landscaping Tools, Water Features and Anarchy, the player carefully designed and implemented a stunning natural terrain – with a crystal clear mountain lake, a winding river with small stones at the bottom, an impressive waterfall and a picturesque forest village on its banks. All this is harmoniously integrated into the hilly mountain landscape of the map and looks great.

As the author explains, the main goal of these videos is to demonstrate that even at an early stage in Cities: Skylines 2, it is already possible to create detailed natural landscapes, breathtaking locations and interesting architectural designs, effectively using the basic tools available and a little creativity.

In a future longer video, viewers will be able to see in detail the entire process of creating this impressive area – from the first touches on empty land to the last small details. The author will show how he textured rocks, modeled a river bed and created realistic soil.


Here’s the first video in the series:


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