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A Civilization 6 player built as many as 13 channels on one map

Building canals in Civilization VI is a hobby of its own. Players love it when it is possible to place a city or build a canal in such a way as to shorten the path of ships across the continent. However, most gamers stop at a modest number of man-made paths – five or six, and this is at best.


One player with the nickname Turbo-Swag showed that he is worthy of the title of Channel Master by sharing screenshots from his recent game of 4X strategy, where he built as many as 13 channels! This happens extremely rarely.

This was facilitated by the successful placement on the map of bodies of water among the continent, allowing the construction of a real empire of canals, in which ships can cross almost the entire empire and occupy tactically advantageous positions.

Some commenters on Reddit were so excited by what they saw that they advised the author of the post to put the NSFW tag – the result looks so cool.

As the gamer noted , he chose the lake type of map. Unfortunately, he did not share its seed, but if he publishes it, we will update the news.



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