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A demo version of the game adaptation of the Sand Land manga has been released

Bandai Namco and ILCA released a demo of the game adaptation of the Sand Land manga just over a month before release . The sampler is available on PC and consoles. The accumulated progress will not be transferred to the full version, but there will be some bonuses.



The Sand Land demo features: a small section of the map, gameplay for Beelzebub, Rao and Thief, as well as action rides on the Battle Tank, Battle Armor and Motorbike.

Sand Land is a game based on the manga of the same name by Akira Toriyama. The manga was published for only three months in 2000. The action takes place in a desert world in which humans and demons suffer together from a lack of water. The demon prince Beelzebub and the sheriff of the small town of Rao go in search of a mythical lake.



Action role-playing game Sand Land will be available on April 26 on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. There is no Russian language.


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