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A Diablo 4 player created a sorcerer build that spams so many fireballs that you can’t see the ground

Thanks to the huge number of different builds, wizards in Diablo 4 turn out to be real chameleons, capable of demolishing any competition in the leaderboard. We recently saw a lightning-fast build that turned the game into a slideshow, and now we’re talking about a build that fills the entire screen with flying fireballs.



Diablo 4 streamer Rob2628 is back with a build similar to Arc Lash, but uses fireballs instead of lightning in combination with unique gloves.


The Porthole Gloves, which are easy to obtain, turn your fireballs into basketballs, causing them to bounce off surfaces and explode for slightly less damage. Thanks to the high attack speed, you can spit out whole buckets of such projectiles while moving around locations using Teleport. This combination instantly turns enemies into ashes, so you don’t even have to worry about defense.


A few key points of the build:


Illuminator’s gloves make fireballs bounce


Flickerstep boots allow you to constantly use Teleport and reset the cooldown of your ultimate


Tibault’s Will Pants provide a huge bonus to damage and restore mana when teleporting


The legendary aspect Ancient Fire (on the amulet) gives a permanent 80% bonus to attack speed


The Fireball upgrade causes enemies to explode upon death.


The Teleport improvement turns dodging into a second teleport skill.


All you have to do is spam Fireball, navigate dungeons using Teleport and occasionally use your ultimate or protective shields against dangerous enemies. Adjustments could be made for high level bosses and monsters, but the goal was to effectively kill level 100 enemies.


It’s likely that this build will be even better than Arc Lash because it trades some of the speed for more consistent area damage. Blizzard has stated that a fixed weekly dungeon (Gauntlet) with leaderboards will force players to balance between killing monsters and collecting items to increase their score. You can’t just run to the end if you want to get to the top of the rankings.


Blizzard plans to reveal the Gauntlet and its accompanying rebalance on Thursday.


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