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A Factorio player’s attempt to “crush” the biters, preventing them from spawning, backfired

In the base-building game Factorio, one of the players found an ingenious way to contain aggressive arthropod creatures called biters. He lined their nests on all sides with pipes, which is why the biters simply had no room left to appear. But this cunning defense tactic backfired, reminding us that the Factorio developers took into account the possibility of such a development of events… or that’s just how the spawn mechanics work.



As other players have explained in the comments, since the biters in Factorio are literally made of air pollution, their hives absorb pollution from the atmosphere, and when full, they spew it out in the form of a crowd of biters and spitters. So, by blocking enemies’ access to the outside, the player actually deprived nature of the filters to clean the air from harmful emissions from its factories.


As the discussion participants noted, the solution to the problem is quite simple, at least if you want to simplify your life. It is enough to leave a small gap in the environment and place turrets on the sides. Voila – an infinite air filter.



And if you use laser turrets in conjunction with batteries and solar panels, you will even get an environmentally friendly option without the need for recharging.


Creating such a massive pipeline around enemy nests is not a trivial task. But the author of the post assured that this is relatively easy to do, using yellow rockets to destroy the dangerous worm-like creatures, and then a variety of portable construction drones to place the remaining pipes. And so that the biters would not interfere with this process, he placed a battery of laser turrets at a safe distance, where he could retreat in case of a threat.


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