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A Fallout 4 player turned the game into Escape from Tarkov using a collection of mods

Fallout 4 can be played in different ways. Some people prefer an action-packed approach, not going into side stories, but running through the plot. Others choose a more classic role-playing option. For some, it’s an immersive simulator. And some prefer to build settlements.


Some players have collected a collection of mods that make Fallout 4 more similar to Escape from Tarkov in style. Here’s an example:

This is definitely still fallout
byu/haterguyman inFallout

As noted on Reddit, where the gamer posted the video, at a quick glance the game can really be mistaken for Escape from Tarkov or STALKER. It is not surprising that every third comment asks what kind of mods the gamer used.

Luckily, the player has provided a full list of mods, which can be viewed here . It turns out to be a hefty list. According to him, even with such a collection it is possible to squeeze out about 60-70 frames per second, however, on the RTX 4070 Ti and i7 13700k. Clearly not a budget package.


Here’s another video of Escape from Boston, as this mod-pack was jokingly nicknamed:

Escape from Boston 2033 Call of the Wasteland
byu/haterguyman inFallout


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