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A former Ubisoft employee showed a video of Uncharted on the Unreal Engine 5

Daniel Arriaga, ex-Ubisoft developer and current MachineGames employee, recently posted a video of an Uncharted reconstruction using Unreal Engine 5. And it’s definitely one of the best fan creations.



To create this original project based on Uncharted in UE5, Arriaga used third-party assets (like IWALS). And as you will see, this fan game has almost everything that is expected of a full-fledged part of the series – from cutscenes and spectacular moments to platforming and advanced shooting mechanics. And the fact that all this was done by one person makes a very strong impression.

True, the animations in the cut scenes could be better, and Nathan’s pose in the first video seems a little strange. But for a single person, the result is simply incredible.



Arriaga created this Uncharted game in UE5 to add to his portfolio, so it is not available for download.


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