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A Hogwarts Legacy fan received a great replica of her wand from the game

One Hogwarts Legacy fan managed to get her hands on a real-life replica of her in-game wand thanks to the skill of a replica company. This growing trend among fans of Hogwarts Legacy, with its huge range of wand customization options, has inspired many players to create their own in-game wands in real life. Whether printed or handmade, the results are often very impressive.



Wand customization in Hogwarts Legacy begins with the first trip to Ollivander’s in Hogsmeade, where a respected salesman helps the new fifth year student choose the wand that best suits him. In addition to choosing the shape and type of wood, players also find a variety of handles, many of which are available in different color options. While Ollivander’s choice remains the same throughout Hogwarts Legacy, the hilt can be changed at any time in the equipment menu.

A Harry Potter fan named Dezon1204 ordered a custom wand from Ollivanders_World, sharing the results on the Hogwarts Legacy subreddit. The result was a perfect copy of the game version, made of beech wood with a spiral pattern. The handle used is Shell (metallic), although the game used blackthorn wood with a phoenix feather. Given the random drops from chests, there is no guarantee of finding certain hilts without searching every corner of the open world.



Since wands are just cosmetic items in the game with no combat bonuses, players have complete freedom to create a wand that they really like visually.


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