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A Minecraft player conducted an experiment and found out that killing a Guardian requires 19 armored wolves

A Minecraft player has discovered that it takes 19 armored wolves to defeat the Guardian, one of the strongest mobs in the game. The Guardian was added in update 1.19 along with its habitat – the Ancient City. This mob is summoned by a rock screamer after it is alerted by a sensor. These sensors are usually triggered by player movements or the destruction of nearby blocks. The Guardian is the first blind mob in the game that tracks the player by noise. Players can use Wool to muffle noise and Snowballs to confuse the Warden. One Minecraft player discovered a way to kill the Varden without attacking him directly, but using armored Wolves.



Recently, a redditor under the nickname BrunoGoldbergFerro published a video where 19 armored Wolves are locked together with the Guardian in a small fenced area. The absence of Sensors and Screamers suggests that the experiment was conducted in Creative mode. At the player’s command, the Wolves rush at the guardian, causing him minor damage, although some die. Since the Guardian can only focus on one Wolf at a time, the total damage gradually exceeds the losses of the Wolves, eventually hitting the blind mob.

It takes 19 armored wolves to kill a warden
byu/BrunoGoldbergFerro inMinecraft

By the end of the video, only one Wolf remains alive, so it is unlikely that 18 Wolves could defeat the boss without the player’s help. Each Wolf can withstand 4 attacks before dying. Although the Guardian deals massive melee damage, it also has a ranged Sonic Burst attack with a radius of 20 blocks that travels through walls. With the right equipment, players can deal much more damage to him, so he could die faster with their support.



Armor for Wolves has not yet been added to the release version of Minecraft, but players can test features from the next update in beta snapshots.



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