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A mod has been released for Starfield that adds 13 fully animated races from Star Wars to the game world.

If there’s one thing Starfield is missing, it’s aliens. Many sci-fi universes rely on humanoid aliens, and although Bethesda’s NASA-punk universe abandons them in favor of a more grounded setting, they still seemed to be sorely missing from the game. However, thanks to a new mod, you’ll find plenty of Star Wars alien NPCs roaming populated systems, and you’ll even be able to play as one of them.



Now among the factions of Starfield you can find many alien races, such as Twi’leks, Zabraks, Rodians and even Mon Calamari. There are a total of 13 races in the game that can be selected and found in populated systems.


This mod adds several fully animated Star Wars aliens to various Starfield factions, as well as adding alien character presets, new hairstyles, tattoos, and skin tones. This mod is best suited for a new game or NG+


Star Wars Aliens also adds countless Star Wars features to the game, such as droids, stormtroopers, changes the in-game language to fit the Star Wars world, and much more. You can download the mod for free from our website .


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