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A naval addition has been released for the remake of the classic strategy Master of Magic

Publisher Slitherine Games and studio MuHa Games have announced the release of the second paid add-on for Master of Magic – a remake of the 1994 role-playing strategy of the same name. An addon called Scourge of the Seas is already available on Steam for 490 rubles.



Master of Magic: Scourge of the Seas is an expansion that will bring new wizards, races, heroes, and challenges to the world of Arcanus. Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure filled with magic, chaos and conquest as you explore the depths of the mystical seas.

The expansion included space for four new wizards, three heroes, and a race of orc pirates. And, of course, for the Kraken bosses.

The remake of Master of Magic was released on Steam in December 2021 and received almost nine hundred reviews, 72% of which were positive.



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