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A new mod for Cyberpunk 2077 will allow you to become an art collector

If you think the only thing Cyberpunk 2077 is missing is an opportunity for V to fulfill his true calling as an art lover rather than just living in an apartment full of tattered Samurai posters, then you’re in luck thanks to a new mod.



While it’s good to know that work on the sequel is well underway at CD Projekt, it will be a long time before it’s released. So for now, finding beautiful paintings to hang in your apartment seems like a good hobby.


Artistic is a new art mod, the latest work from modder Deceptious, who enlisted the help of several real artists to bring his vision to life. What is their vision? As explained in the mod description:



Now V can select, display and enjoy art in his apartment(s)!


More than 30 works from artists have been added to the game, which you can find in different places throughout Night City, received through crafting or as a gift from NPCs. All of them can be brought home and hung up to show that you can do more than just shoot a gun or hack. And before you start worrying about your style being compromised in pursuit of social status, all of these paintings are designed to blend in with the existing Cyberpunk aesthetic.Some of these are CDPR promotional art for life paths and illustrations of tarot cards that can be found scattered around the city in the base game, while others are new works from artists like Ilya Kuvshinov, Dilara Ezden, and Valerie Silverhand. These will be shown on special interactive screens in your apartment, which the modder has cleverly designed to act like TVs.


The modder also created a quest called “Paint Your Target” to help introduce art collecting and also reward a final piece of art that can be collected after you have acquired all the others in this mod.


The mod is available on Nexus .


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