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A new screenshot of Grand Theft Auto 6 has leaked online

The discussion of Grand Theft Auto 6 has again become noticeably more active amid news of the imminent release of a new trailer. You can brighten up the tedious wait for the release of a new video from the game with a leaked screenshot online. Allegedly, an image from the latest current build of the game has been leaked to the public.


A new screenshot of GTA 6 was shared by a user under the nickname JasonfromGTAVI. He did not explain where the image was obtained from, but noted that it clearly demonstrates the technical condition of the game. According to him, the screenshot was taken from the latest working build, in which textures and weather effects were improved. The developers from Rockstar Games still have a lot of work to do to optimize and refine the game, but already the open-world project looks very beautiful, says the author of the leak.


According to the latest data, players will soon see the premiere of the second GTA 6 trailer, which will be dedicated to the gameplay of the game. The release of the project is scheduled for the first half of next year, and according to rumors, this could happen as early as February.


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