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A Skyrim player lost his adopted daughters due to an ancient bug affecting the number of NPCs

After Dovahkiin left his home in Whiterun, both of his daughters disappeared under strange circumstances. Although marriage was introduced in Skyrim at launch, players often asked for an adoption system until the developers gave in and added this feature in the Hearthfire expansion. Despite the popularity of adoption in Skyrim, this mechanic was omitted in subsequent Bethesda games – and although its absence is explained by the plot of Fallout 4, Starfield could benefit from the ability to adopt a child. Or at least an alien animal.


It’s safe to say that Skyrim remains Bethesda’s most popular game on Steam, as it currently outpaces Starfield in the number of concurrent players by an order of magnitude. Although Skyrim is considered a simplified version of previous Elder Scrolls games, its main strength is its accessibility and insane replayability. Bethesda created a dense open world, and arguably set the trend for future RPGs like Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3.

My daughters…
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However, even 12 years was not enough to fix Skyrim’s most notorious bugs. A player named ThoseAreNiceShoes shared a funny incident when his character left the house to find that his daughters Lucia and Sofia had flown into heaven. The reason for this bug is that Skyrim has a fixed limit of NPCs with AI for each location. Adding Lucia and Sofia to an already crowded Whiterun, especially if mods are involved, can send the last loaded NPCs skyrocketing.

Fortunately, a mod for Skyrim solves this problem by manually increasing the limit. Although floating NPCs will eventually fall to their death after reaching their maximum height, children in Skyrim cannot be killed without certain mods. While Lucia and Sofia should be safe thanks to their special status, this is definitely an annoying bug.


How to Adopt Children in Skyrim

To adopt, the player must have a suitable home in Skyrim, furnishing a room with a child’s bed. The maximum number of children that Dovahkiin can shelter is two, out of the available eight.

What makes Skyrim’s adoption system so rich is that when parents die, new children become available for adoption. Orphaned, they are sent to the House of Humility in Riften, and Dovahkiin must complete the quest “Innocence Lost” to be eligible to adopt them.


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