A State Duma deputy allowed Wikipedia to be blocked due to a law banning the popularization of VPNs

Over the weekend, State Duma deputy from the United Russia faction Anton Gorelkin wrote in his Telegram channel that he allows Wikipedia to be blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation under the law banning the popularization of VPNs.



The point is in an article on the portal, which describes ways to bypass blocking, and also “strongly recommends that users use them.” According to Gorelkin, this fully complies with the criteria recently announced by Roskomnadzor.


Gorelkin added that the RKN has legal grounds for blocking Wikipedia in Russia, but, according to him, this must be done in such a way as not to cause discomfort among users.



In fact, all the valuable information that is available on this resource has already been duplicated, brought into compliance with encyclopedic standards and posted on the RuNet: on the portal “BRE”, “Ruviki” and “Runiversalis”. All that remains is to make sure that following a link to a Wikipedia article, the user is prompted to open its secure version on one of its Russian analogues.


The technical solution necessary for this is already being developed by ROCIT experts.


On March 1, a government decree banning the popularization of services for bypassing blocking, which was published in November 2023, came into force. As part of the changes, Roskomnadzor is given the right to restrict advertising of VPN services.


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