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A teacher from the United States shared an alarming truth – American children are catastrophically behind in development.

A post by a high school teacher from the United States recently appeared on Reddit , who decided to speak candidly about how far behind many modern schoolchildren are in the development of basic skills. This alarming signal from an experienced teacher caused a strong reaction in the community, collecting more than 30 thousand positive votes and more than 6 thousand comments.



In the post she writes:


The public needs to know the horrific truth. Students are SIGNIFICANTLY behind in their development.



She says that in her class, teenagers aged 15-18 often experience the following problems:


  • reading level 3-4 grades; there are children who cannot read words


  • inability to write a simple sentence with capital letters and punctuation marks


  • inability to write words without errors


  • inability to mentally add/subtract two-digit numbers; they need a calculator even for the simplest operations


  • ignorance of the multiplication table


  • lack of rounding and graphing skills


  • misunderstanding of negative numbers and percentages


  • inability to solve simple equations


  • inability to take notes or follow a task’s lead


  • complete lack of information search skills


Just because kids know how to use phones doesn’t mean they know how to use a computer. They don’t know common keyboard shortcuts. Also, many people do not know how to type correctly.


Who would have known that the film Idiocracy would be so close to reality:

In the comments, many colleagues confirmed her words with examples from their own experience. One teacher writes:


Oh yes, I absolutely agree, especially in terms of the use of technology. They do not know how to use the computers they are given. Hell, some of my kids don’t even know how to use a stapler, and I’m not kidding. Would you give them a handsaw and tell them to build a table? Of course not, but we still give them technology that they have no idea how to handle.


I have kids who don’t know how to create a new email. They just come back and answer the first email I’ve ever sent them all year and never change the subject. Others know how to start a new email, but write the body of the email in the subject line and leave the body blank. One student was simply dumbfounded that I could attach documents to letters, and another was amazed that I could write to my parents about late work!


My favorite example was a child giving an oral report on the attack on Pearl Harbor. He had 6 weeks to study. During the presentation, I got the distinct impression that he had no idea where Pearl Harbor even was. So during question time I asked, “Where is Pearl Harbor?” And without the slightest hesitation, he answered: “My research did not give me this information.”


Another comment from the community:


Yesterday I realized that I accidentally printed only the odd-numbered pages from a five-page assignment. I told the kids that they wouldn’t be punished for not doing the even page questions because it was my mistake (the page numbers were on the paper, that’s how I discovered it). All I received in response was blank stares. One child said that he did not know what an even number was. AND I TEACH GEOGRAPHY IN 9TH CLASS OF IN-DEPTH PREPARATION!


The post caused a heated discussion in the community. Most commentators are shocked by the extent to which today’s children are falling behind in basic skills and blame it on parents and school systems that force teachers to fill gaps rather than fully teach the subject.


And the most important thing is that AI will definitely not help such children. To use AI effectively, you need to be able to correctly set tasks and formulate requests. If you don’t know what to ask, the result will be appropriate.


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