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A trailer for the film “The Boy Kills the World” with a release date has been presented

Today, the trailer for the action-thriller Boy Kills the World from Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions starring Bill Skarsgård (John Wick: Chapter 4) and Famke Janssen (The Long Slow Exhale) was unveiled.



Director Moritz Mohr tells the story of a boy, played by Skarsgard, who takes on a mission of revenge after his family is murdered by Hilda Van Der Kooy (Janssen), the needlessly cruel matriarch of a corrupt post-apocalyptic dynasty. Surrounded by a dark world, the boy begins to fight his own internal battles and faces challenges that challenge his self-worth and faith in humanity. His ingenuity and courage lead to the understanding that the key to his own happiness lies in his own hands. During his journey, the hero meets various people who play an important role in his life, helping him overcome his fears and accept himself for who he is. The audience witnesses his transformation as he gains self-respect and strength.


The film is based on a screenplay by Tyler Burton Smith and Arend Remmers, with a scheduled release date of April 26.


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