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A101 grocery chain allowed to set up digital bank

The application made by A101 for the establishment of TOM Katılım Bankası A.Ş. was approved by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK).

With the said decision, Ahmet Yaşar Aydın, Chairman of the Board of Directors of A101, and Can Ersöz, CFO of A101, and Ali Taha Aydın, Erhan Bostan and Tolga Akar were allowed to establish a digital bank. TOM Participation Bank A.Ş. It has been announced that the founding capital of the digital bank, which will be established under the name of the Bank, will be 1.5 billion TL .

The following statements were included in the said decision:

As a result of the examination of the letter dated 02.08.2022 and numbered E-43890421-101.01.01-57318 sent in the annex of the agenda letter of the Board Presidency dated 03.08.2022 and its annexes;

Information and documents received within the scope of Article 4 of the Regulation (Regulation) on Transactions Subject to Permission and Indirect Shareholding of Banks (Regulation) and Article 11 of the Regulation on Operational Principles of Digital Banks and Service Model Banking (Digital Banking Regulation) are included in the aforementioned articles. within the framework of the authorization given, as a result of the examination and evaluation made within the scope of Articles 7 and 8 of the Banking Law No. 5411 (Law), in accordance with Article 6 of the Law, to operate in accordance with the operating principles specified for digital banks in the Digital Bank Regulation and to apply for an operating permit within this framework. by the founding partners Ahmet Yaşar AYDIN, Ali Taha AYDIN, Can ERSÖZ, Erhan BOSTAN and Tolga AKAR, “TOM” with a founding capital of 1,500,000,000 TL in Turkey.It has been decided to allow the establishment of a (digital) participation bank with the title of “Participation Bank A.Ş.”.

Although no official statement has been shared by the company on the subject yet, this decision is quite interesting. For a market chain to step into digital banking is a remarkable move for our country’s internet ecosystem. We will continue to keep you informed of developments on the subject.



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