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Abandoned 2020 co-op zombie shooter Ultimate Zombie Defense suddenly attracted 37,000% more players

You could have easily missed the release of yet another co-op zombie shooter in recent years, especially with such a cheesy title. But even as the market becomes saturated with zombie games and movies like Left 4 Dead, The Walking Dead and Dead Island, Steam giveaways continue to attract the attention of gamers.


Terror Dog Studio’s Ultimate Zombie Defense is a mix of top-down and base defense where players must destroy waves of shambling brain eaters in a post-apocalyptic Europe. In addition to an arsenal of weapons, there are traps and base upgrades for survival. Although the game is presented as online co-op for up to 4 players, it can be played offline alone.

Ultimate Zombie Defense released on December 8, 2020, and seemed to struggle to gain attention for over three years, peaking at just 1,111 players in January 2021 and rarely breaking triple digits in the following months. However, a recent airdrop on Steam has skyrocketed interest, with the peak of players rising from 32 on Friday, February 9th to an impressive 11,859 on Saturday, February 10th.

The promotion coincided with the announcement of the upcoming sequel, predictably titled¬†Ultimate Zombie Defense 2,¬†with no specific release date beyond “coming soon.” Smart move.


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