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According to players, Halsin is hiding a big secret in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a monumental work in every sense of the word, hiding many secrets that are still being uncovered by avid fans. One such topic has recently attracted the attention of a significant number of players. We are talking about Halsin, who, according to some, is not quite who he says he is.



Halsin is a wood elf as well as a druid, so his affinity for nature is not surprising. However, fans of the theory give us many clues indicating that this companion is hiding his true face.


  • Firstly, we are talking about Halsin’s unusual appearance. He has a very powerful, bulky build, but he is also a Wood Elf, who in the Dungeons and Dragons universe are usually incredibly slender.
  • Secondly, Halsin does not remember anything about his family, about his origin, and yet he is closely connected with the spirit of nature in the form of Taniel, who… can also change his form.
  • Finally, Halsin turns into a bear when he is… too excited – in the erotic sense. After all, turning into an animal in the Druid class requires intention, but the author points to the “polymorph” spell, which requires concentration to work, which can be interrupted by nullifying the spell and revealing the true nature

As a result , the author of the theory is convinced that Halsin is actually a bear that turns into a human, and not an elf-druid that can turn into a bear.



The above theory, although quite crazy, caught the attention of those who had been following the topic, and they began to look for additional clues pointing to Halsin’s animal origins. And, of course, they found it.

  • Halsin loves honey – just like bears…
  • In the epilogue, he turns into a bear under the influence of alcohol, supporting the theory that Halsin is using a spell that requires concentration to hide his true nature.
  • According to commentators who have “connected the dots,” Halsina’s character is a clear reference from the game developers to Sir Berington, a meme character from the “tabletop” role-playing game.


  • “Did Larian really give us Sir Berington? I find this idea hilarious,” writes one Reddit user. “It’s Sir Berington! I knew it!” – another echoes him.

According to history, this person was a character created by one of the players of the paper edition of DnD 3.5, who decided to play in the campaign as… a rogue bear, in addition specializing in the disguise spell. And all this in order to pretend, under a bearish disguise, to be a cultured person from the upper strata of society.


If the described theory is correct, then thanks to Larian for the thoughtful Easter egg.


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