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According to Sony, the PS5 has already entered the “final stage of its life cycle”, but a price reduction is unlikely

According to Hiroki Totoki, president of the Sony holding, the PS5 has already entered the “final stage” of its life cycle, and it will be difficult to reduce the price of the console.


Yesterday, during a presentation to investors and shareholders about the upcoming fiscal year, Totoki allegedly said that the PS5 has already passed its halfway point in its life cycle, reports journalist Takashi Mochizuki of Bloomberg.

Although the PS5 only launched at the end of 2020, Sony seems to believe that the console is already halfway through its intended lifespan. This means that the PS5 successor is just over three years away from being released. Indeed, the PS2, PS3 and PS4 generations lasted 6-7 years, so with the current age of the PS5 at 3.5 years, the next generation of consoles is not far away, according to this logic.

In addition, Totoki said that a significant price reduction for the PS5 is unlikely. Although Sony reduced the cost of PS4 before the end of its life cycle, this is difficult for PS5, since the company is already trying to reduce production costs, said Sony’s president.

He also added that major exclusive franchises like God of War or Spider-Man will not be released on PS5 until April 2025 . Although this does not exclude the release of other games, such as a remake of Until Dawn and titles from third-party publishers, like Silent Hill 2.



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