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According to the analyst, up to 30% of returns of Apple Vision Pro glasses are due to the fact that users do not understand how to use them

Earlier in February, many stories appeared from “technologists” about the reasons for returning the Apple Vision Pro augmented reality glasses they had just purchased, costing over $3,500. However, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo found that almost a third of returns occur because users cannot figure out how to set up this newfangled gadget.



It’s noteworthy that about 20-30% of users who return their devices do so because they don’t know how to set up Vision Pro.


According to Kuo’s findings, only 1% of Vision Pro owners returned their headsets, which is fairly standard and less than what numerous social media posts would suggest. However, a significant portion of these returns are due to users not knowing how to use Apple’s spatial computing headset. Apple products are famous for their intuitive interfaces, such as the iPhone and Mac, but it seems that the company has missed the mark a bit in this regard with the Vision Pro.



“Intuitive by design” is one of Apple’s slogans for Mac computers.


However, Apple’s first VR headsets have some non-obvious features that seem to confuse users. Vision Pro uses eye tracking technology to control the cursor in the Apple environment. While this should be more intuitive than a mouse, it has its limitations.


To view apps you have to press a physical button on the headset, which takes away from the immersive experience. To open the control center, you need to look up at the small arrow on the ceiling. For some users, this proved to be too much of a hassle considering the $3,500 cost.


The analyst also noted that demand for Vision Pro is now slowing down. Delivery times for Apple’s flagship headset have been reduced to 3-5 days, while during pre-orders the estimates were more than a month. Apple is expected to sell more Vision Pros this year than originally predicted, according to Kuo, although it’s still a niche market and not in the millions.


Kuo expects the Vision Pro to remain an enthusiast device for several years to come. The analyst believes that a mass model at a more affordable price may not appear until 2027.


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