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Action Spine received a full gameplay trailer

In December 2023, Nekki announced a new game called Spine. Judging by the video, many thought it was a fake trailer with pre-rendered footage. Therefore, Nekki decided to release a new trailer showing actual gameplay.


Judging by the new video, the game is reminiscent of Wanted: Dead and Batman Arkham – cinematic action with shooting and scripted finishing moves, but it certainly doesn’t look like a full-fledged production.

In Spine you play as Redline, a rebellious street artist. Redline also has a smart combat device called Spine (a glowing thing on her back). Together you will fight the autocratic AI regime of the Tensor Corporation. As you progress, Redline will become faster and unlock new moves. The game also features special stunts and cool action scenes designed by action experts.

As Nekki notes, the gameplay footage is from a very early build of the game, so things should look even better in the final version.

While Spine already looks very good, the melee combat is a bit rough and needs a lot of work. Right now, punches and kicks don’t seem to connect properly with enemies.

There is no release date for Spine yet, but the page is already available on Steam.



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