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Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield distribution has started on the Epic Games Store

Another free weekly giveaway has started in the Epic Games Store digital store. The indie action game Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is available to users for a week . The game can also be picked up in Russia.



The giveaway will last until March 7th.

Your hero’s name is Wally. This is a mysterious character who was able to return what was taken from him. Now all you have to do is hope that you have enough strength to escape from your enemies. Get to the bottom of the truth and try to uncover the mystery of what happened. The game lasts no longer than the average action movie (about an hour and a half on normal difficulty), and the first run of this dynamic adventure can be spent during the day. After this, you will be able to improve your results.



Astro Duel 2 will be distributed on the Epic Games Store starting March 7th.


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