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Alan Wake 2 will have a “monstrous” story, says Sam Lake


According to what was reported by the game director Sam Lake, Alan Wake 2 will have a monstrous story . The work on the game is progressing quickly and the script is already made up of a “lot of pages”.

Filming is underway with our stellar cast of actors. We wrote a lot of pages with Clay Murphy, more than we ever have, I think (the story is a monster). They will still come after a short summer break from this dark place called the writers’ room, ”reads the tweet.

It is not clear if that adjective “monstrous” refers to the length of the script, the quality of its contents or the horror imprint of the story. The fact is that apparently we will certainly find ourselves in front of a very extensive and well-kept story.


Surprisingly announced during the 2021 Game Awards, Alan Wake 2 will be Remedy’s first survival horror and will see the return of actor Ilkka Villi as the protagonist. Considering that Remedy intends to explore the horror genre, the atmosphere of this title will be much darker and more distressing than those of the first episode.

We remind you that Alan Wake 2 is scheduled for 2023 , at a date yet to be decided.


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