Alcohol: affects the brains of men and women differently


A small almond at the base of the human brain, hidden by the temporal lobe, is called the amygdala . It processes our emotions . However, recent research has found that alcohol can change its activity depending on the sex. Men and women are very different indeed. Here, alcohol can have a different impact on the brains of women and men.

Alcohol is often responsible for so many mental problems. Despite this, a study done in mice reveals that there are differences in how the brains of men and women are altered by alcohol. There has always been a link between alcohol consumption and conditions such as depression and anxiety . Here, mood disorders and alcohol abuse have a comorbid relationship. In short, alcohol abuse can cause anxiety and the latter can lead to alcohol consumption. These problems relate to the brain area called the basolateral amygdala.

To fully understand the process, the researchers tested alcohol on mice. Male mice were therefore affected by alcohol use. They experienced behavioral changes. This did not happen in female mice. Everything can be explained with the GABAA receptor which contains subunits. One in particular, the delta subunit which appears to influence alcohol’s ability to alter brain activity through oscillation. This subunit is also known for its sensitivity to ovarian steroid hormone modulation. In other words, females are affected by alcohol in a different way precisely because of the modulation of this hormone which affects the subunit. The scientists did another test on male mice without subunits as proof. Alcohol had an effect on their brains similar to that of females.



  • Alcohol affects men’s and women’s brains differently (


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