Alzheimer’s: 10 minutes a day of self-reflection protects against dementia


If we can be self -reflective with ourselves by re-evaluating emotions, thoughts and daily gestures, then we are already a step forward! Yes, because it reduces significantly and prevents dementia from worsening . A recent study showed a positive relationship between self-talk and the reduction of Alzheimer ‘s symptoms . What is meant by positive self-talk? In practice to a deep observation of thoughts, actions and feelings without a hasty and severe judgment. It is not a way to mull over one’s mistakes, but a constructive, calm and comprehensive reflection of one’s state of mind.

We need to learn to realize the small goals achieved on a daily basis. This helps slow-down and prevent the development of dementia. The neurological reasons are not yet known, but the explanation for now is through the reduction of cortisol . A stress hormone that is formed when we are under a lot of stress. A negative impact on memory and psychological health.

Lowering stress levels can also reduce depression and other negative aspects of our memory. Psychological therapy could be essential for creating healthier habits.

There are currently no effective prevention methods for dementia. So identifying other protective factors could prove to be very helpful in improving the outlook for recovery.

Harriett Demnitz-King, University of London, one of the lead researchers of the research


Positive self-talk is useful for those with dementia, but it is also important for preventing Alzheimer’s and leading a less stressful life. 10-15 minutes of positive thoughts are enough to change your daily life.

  • Alzheimer’s: doing 10 minutes of self-reflection a day (without judgments) protects against the risk of dementia (


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