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Amazon Prime also increases in price in Italy: from € 36 to € 49.90 per year

What a package, Amazon is about to raise the price of the Prime subscription also in Italy. Amazon Prime will go from 36 to 49.90 euros per year.


In Italy Amazon Prime will cost a little more, the subscription price was not adjusted since 2018. With the same content and services, Amazon Prime will go from 36 euros per month to 49.99 euros a year (or 4.99 euro per month, for those who prefer).

Recall that, among other things, Amazon Prime includes fast free deliveries, as well as access to Prime Video, Prime Photo, Prime Music, Prime Reading and Prime Game services.

Amazon will increase the cost of the subscription in several other European countries, including England, France, Spain and Germany. As for our country, it is the second price increase for Amazon Prime, which in 2018 had already gone from 19.99 euros to 36 euros.

The new prices will start from September 15th. If your annual renewal falls sooner, your subscription will be renewed at the previous price. In all other cases, from 15 September it goes to 49.99 euros per year. However, Amazon offers you the possibility to switch comfortably from the monthly to the annual formula, or vice versa.

Prime Student will also increase in price. The discounted subscription dedicated to university students will go from 18 to 24.95 euros per year (the monthly from 1.99 to 2.49 euros).


We continue to strive to improve the Amazon Prime service for our customers. It is the first time that we have changed the price of Prime in Italy since 2018. In the meantime, we have expanded the selection of products available with unlimited fast Prime delivery, at no additional cost; we have activated and improved the delivery of groceries with Amazon Fresh; and we have added more and more quality digital entertainment, such as TV series, movies, music, games and books. In particular, Prime Video has expanded the collection of Amazon Originals series and films and activated access to live sports, such as the UEFA Champions League.

reads the email sent by Amazon to its customers.


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