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Amazon Prime, Codacons denounces the increase in the cost of the subscription: “they must turn around”


The increase in the prices of the Amazon Prime subscription has aroused the ire of Codaconds , the prolific Italian association for the protection of consumers. According to the association, the price increase would be excessively high and therefore hardly unjustifiable. “An increase of 38.6% is abnormal”, denounces the Codacons.

Codacons asks the giant to review its decision, pointing the finger at the timing of the price increase, which would have taken place in a context of profound difficulty for the country’s economy and the well-being of Italian families. “Users are already affected by increases in utility bills and retail prices,” says Codacons.

Faced with an inflation of 8%, Amazon has unilaterally decided to increase the costs of the annual subscription by as much as + 38.6%, more than 4 times the growth rate of retail prices, while the cost of the monthly rate rises by 25. %. Abnormal price increases that place users in a position of obvious disadvantage, and on which the company must turn around

commented the Codacons.

The association urgently requested a meeting with the executives of Amazon Italy . But for the moment the company has not considered it appropriate to give the Codacons an answer.


Yesterday Amazon communicated to its Italian subscribers that starting from August 31st, the prices of Prime subscriptions will be unilaterally increased. It also applies to the Prime Students formula. We talked about it in depth here .


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