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AMD Announces FSR 3.1 with Improved Scaling Quality

AMD announced FSR 3.1, which will have improved scaling quality. This new version of FSR promises to improve image stability and reduce ghosting.



Let’s start with comparisons. AMD shared these two GIFs. This is a comparison between FSR 2.2 and FSR 3.1. The top (left) images are from FSR 2.2 and the bottom (right) are from FSR 3.1. In the first, we see that AMD FSR 3.1 delivers better and more stable images than before.

AMD claims that FSR 3.1 will make images more stable. This means less judder and flicker, and less weird motion. Additionally, this FSR 3.1 will reduce ghosting and retain more detail than before.


AMD FSR 3.1 also has another interesting feature. In this new version, frame generation will work with all other scaling technologies. Finally, PC gamers will be able to use NVIDIA DLSS 2 or Intel XeSS along with AMD FSR 3.1 Frame Generation.



AMD also unveiled the first game to support FSR 3.1. This game is Ratchet and Clank. And yes, along with visual improvements, Nixxes and AMD will decouple FSR 3.1 frame generation from scaling. So you can use FSR 3.1 frame generation with DLSS 3 super resolution.


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