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AMD FSR 3 temporarily removed from Nightingale

Before the start of early access for the Nightingale survival game, Inflexion Games published a material in which it talked about the problems of the upcoming build of the game, Steam Deck support and control with a controller.



The creators of the game said that after conducting a stress test, they removed the AMD FSR 3 upscaler from Nightingale. The developers said that this was a necessary measure – the option, regardless of activation, led to a large number of crashes.


To provide better stability, we have temporarily removed FSR 3 from the launch build. We are working with internal and third party teams to see if we can implement FSR 3 or an older version of FSR in future updates.



Inflexion Games also confirmed that Nightingale can be played with a controller, but due to the nature of the interface, sometimes you will have to return to the keyboard and mouse. Full gamepad support will be available in the future.

There is currently no Steam Deck support, although Inflexion Games notes that Nightingale can be played on a portable PC. The studio will not provide support if players encounter problems on the Steam Deck. Full compatibility with Valve device in operation.


Nightingale Early Access is scheduled for February 20th.


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