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AMD wants to launch car gaming platforms in 2023


There has been no shortage of improvements for cars over time also as regards the power of the computers inside, with different cars, such as the Tesla , which already allow you to even play titles between one thing and another. , simply using the battery of your vehicle.

In this specific case we are talking about an initiative by AMD , which talked about how it is aiming to insert more and more video cards in electric cars in order to make them independent as regards the world of gaming. Thanks to a partnership with ECARX , the GPU giant aims to create a real platform.

There is talk of a novelty close to concretization, which in fact should arrive in vehicles as early as 2023, although there are not many details, with some premises that are certainly quite pleasant. It seems that the devices in question will allow you to play at high performance, as if it were a gaming computer.

The company will use embedded Ryzen V2000 APUs , with up to 8 cores and 16 threads and Zen 2 architecture, with various models that could be chosen and guarantee different results, although it remains to be seen how the company will proceed with the implementation of the everything.




  • Soon a car is going to have a better gaming PC than me (PCGamer)


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