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An artist and Starfield fan has created a detailed 12-page guide to building the game’s advanced nuclear reactors

Starfield fan Matt Benson has created an incredibly in-depth 12-page illustrated guide detailing the manufacturing and assembly of components for advanced nuclear reactors in Bethesda’s various RPG star systems.



This fan-made manual is designed in the style of a vintage car manual and describes the technological processes and resource requirements for automating the extraction of rare materials needed to produce expensive reactor components. Benson created detailed schematics and maps that will allow players to efficiently produce complex parts while minimizing effort by optimizing cargo transportation between planetary outposts.

To assemble advanced reactors, rare and expensive components from different planets are required, with a strict limit on the number of outposts and cargo connections. Benson’s guide recommends specific star systems and mining locations to obtain the necessary resources, while minimizing logistical difficulties.



The illustrations track the extraction of raw materials, the production of components, and the transportation of goods that support the functioning of a multi-system infrastructure. Information blocks provide data about outposts, and branching diagrams show structures, resources and material flows. Benson focused on maximizing efficiency within the constraints of the game to help enterprising players create profitable production.

Spending more than 200 hours of data collection, planning and testing, Benson developed a detailed trade map tracking all 24 operational outposts across 14 Starfield systems needed to create valuable advanced reactors for sale or for his own use. His guidance will allow you to effectively mine rare resources in Starfield to create high-tech equipment or simply explore the far reaches of space.


A printed version is available on the craftsman’s website . You can read more about creating the guide on the blog .


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