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An excellent remaster of an outdated game: Release trailer and ratings of Star Wars Dark Forces Remaster

On February 28, the remaster of Star Wars: Dark Forces from NIghtdive Studios was released . On this occasion, a release trailer appeared online, demonstrating graphic innovations, as well as ratings from the Western press.



The updated version was released exactly 29 years after the original release.

Journalists received Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster without enthusiasm. Once again, they routinely praised the work of Nightdive Studios, but emphasized that no remaster could save the outdated mechanics of the game.



PC Gamer – 78/100


TechRaptor – 9.5/10


WayTooManyGames – 8/10


XboxEra – 6.5/10


RemasterThe Star Wars: Dark Forces was created using the KEX engine, proprietary technology from Nightdive Studios. The developers added 4K/120 FPS, updated textures, lighting and gamepad support.


The re-release of Star Wars: Dark Forces was released on PC, consoles of both generations and Nintendo Switch. Cost: $30.


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