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An indispensable mod has been released for Palworld with a radar and display of all Pals, players and fast travel points

Modder T3R3NC3B has released a very useful mod for Palworld that displays the locations of all Pals, players and fast travel points on the map. This mod will make it easier to find Pals on the map, so be sure to use it if you are currently playing.



The good news is that the minimap and radar mod is compatible with both single player and multiplayer modes. True, for network servers it needs to be installed on clients.


The mini-map has a super-zoom mode for easier navigation without opening the full-screen map. There is also a slight auto-zoom depending on your speed. In addition, the mini-map marks the rare/shiny Palas and chests in the game. The mini-map itself can be easily customized in the game, including rotation.


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