Analysts say iPhone 16 sales could suffer due to lack of AI features

Apple’s iPhone 16 lineup is rumored to receive a number of hardware improvements to enhance its AI capabilities. However, analysts are skeptical about the launch, predicting that only a limited set of AI features will arrive later this year. Presumably, the company will introduce more significant changes only in the iPhone 17.

In a note spotted by AppleInsider , JP Morgan analysts commented on the iPhone 16 launch, suggesting that the lack of AI features will negatively impact sales. This isn’t the first time Apple’s upcoming flagship series of smartphones has been criticized for allegedly iteratively updating the iPhone 15. Ming-Chi Kuo previously noted that due to a lack of compelling features, Apple could face a 15% drop in shipments this year.

In addition, Barclays analysts previously stated that there will be few differences between the iPhone 16 and iPhone 15, which will negatively impact sales. On the other hand, there is evidence that the iPhone 16 will get enough hardware improvements to perform AI-related tasks smoothly. For example, an earlier report stated that upcoming models will get more memory, with the possibility of adding a larger Neural Engine likely to help with advanced features.

What’s more, Apple’s iOS 18 update is said to bring generative AI features similar to ChatGPT, and for good measure, the company is also planning to improve the microphones to make it easier for Siri to accurately process voice commands. Given the many rumors about Apple’s desire to keep up with the AI ​​hype of the iPhone 16, it is curious that analysts doubt the company’s ability to make the necessary leap.

Instead, they claim that improvements like memory and NPU boosts will only come to the iPhone 17, adding a host of features that will benefit generative AI and everyday use, leading to a wave of upgrades.

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