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Android 12 runs on 13.3% of devices


Prior to the August 4th update , Google last updated the Android platform / API version distribution in Android Studio on May 9th . Four months ago, Android 12 was not yet listed in the distribution numbers and its current inclusion comes before the launch of Android 13, that said, there is evidence to suggest that Android 12 and later in May were at around 6.6. % but were not explicitly listed in Android Studio.

The green pie chart is something 9to5Google created to replicate how information was presented visually when Android distribution numbers were released monthly. It extracts the same data (directly from Google) used by Android Studio. In May, another chart totaled 93.3%, and we assume the rest needed to get to 100% is mostly Android 12 (but it could also incorporate 12L and 13 Beta), but it’s unclear why Google hasn’t. officially annotated Android 12 three months earlier.

By this logic, the August pie chart will hit 99.8% and part of the remaining 0.2% could be Android 12L, which has its own API level (32) given the foldable tablet and improvements, but nonetheless; a overwhelming majority should come from the latest Made by Google devices (Pixel 3a and later). Meanwhile, Android 11 is now 27% up from 23.8% in May . It remains the most used version of Android today, with Android 10 following at 22.3%. Android 9 Pie is still at 14.5%, and four years later it still beats the latest stable version.

When Google released this data monthly, it was compiled from Android devices that accessed the Play Store during a seven-day period ending on the date indicated, and the methodology is presumably unchanged.




  • Android 12 is running on 13.3% of all devices ahead of Android 13 launch (9to5Google)


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