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Anker: Huge 24,000mAh power bank unveiled for charging laptops and phones


The power bank has a maximum capacity of 24,000mAh , for reference, this is enough to fully charge an iPhone 13 five times , although of course, you won’t have a 24KmAh battery to charge your smartphone yourself, and that’s why the device has three ports, which allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

The Anker 737 Power Bank can fully charge a 12.9-inch iPad Pro and still have around 30% capacity, but most impressive, however, is that the PowerCore 24K can also be used to charge a laptop, because the power bank can facilitate charging speeds of up to 140W, which is enough to charge even powerful laptops like the 16 ”MacBook Pro.

The power bank is equipped with Power Delivery 3.1 , the most advanced bi-directional charging technology, which means that charging the power bank itself will also be a breeze. The gadget is also equipped with a sophisticated thermal monitoring system and PowerIQ 4.0 for maximum energy efficiency.

PowerCore 24K is compatible with a wide range of products (over 1000) and is equipped with an intelligent digital display, which shows the output and input power and the estimated time to fully charge the portable charger.




  • Anker debuts a massive 24,000mAh power bank (PhoneArena)


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