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Anna Torv talks about Tess’s key scene in the second episode of The Last of Us

Actress Anna Torv (“Mindhunter”), who plays the role of Tess in the HBO adaptation of The Last of Us, spoke about the key moment of the second episode.
The director of the new series was the author of the original Neil Druckmann, however, the audience noted a number of discrepancies with the original game. Stories not only added additional scenes, as in the previous series, but also changed some details.
The last point touched upon the fate of Tess – she dies, as in the game, but in the show it happens in a different way. In the original, the heroine, bitten by the infected, tries to carve out extra time for Joel and Ellie, dying in a shootout with soldiers.
In the show, she too realizes the value of Ellie (who gets bitten but doesn’t get infected), sending Joel on an important mission. However, in the series, she does not encounter soldiers, but the infected, blowing up an entire building. But first, one of the monsters literally “kisses” Tess, passing on the virus.
The actress admitted that creating this scene was not very pleasant, but she assumed that the shooting would be significantly different from the final result. Apparently, she thought that all the elements on the face of the infected would be practically performed, but most of them were created using effects.
At the same time, Torv added that at this moment Tess sincerely believes that she is contributing to the future salvation of the world.

Reviews for the show itself continue to be strong, with the second episode currently holding a 9.5 IMDb score (over 7k ratings). And sales of the remake of the original in the UK retail skyrocketed by as much as 238%. 



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