Anxiety about time: clock and calendar as enemies


Time is a useful human invention, but it makes us become slaves. When we want it to pass quickly, it flows slowly, while when we want to enjoy it, it flies. Also, when we try to do a lot of things but it is never enough, it would take a day that had over 24 hours. Then you feel guilty if you allow yourself a little relaxation. In short, they are all symptoms of anxiety about the weather . An anxiety in which we feel that time becomes the master of our lives. Real inner discomforts hinder social relationships and extinguish the imagination. An anxiety that penetrates in silence making time become our enemy. A sort of nightmare in which time chases us and it never seems to be enough.

Why has anxiety been happening for a long time? Watching the clock obsessively several times a day to be able to do a million things in a single day. Why does time become the enemy? There are many factors, like a badly managed period of great commitment. The attention is unbalanced for every single activity and the badly organized day. Small concessions of pleasure in a very short time, a time begged, too fast and with feelings of guilt. Everything becomes like a psychological burden .

Here’s how to handle it. These are some helpful strategies to better cope with anxiety for the time. Perceive the problem. Observe and realize how difficult it is to get organized. Keeping track of the things we do. A lot of time for one small thing, little time for another important one.

  • Sufficient leisure concessions . Time for yourself is essential, but taken right. One way to fully enjoy it.
  • Re-launch priorities . Actions have different quality approaches and timing. Give back due weight and time to different commitments. Help yourself with an agenda.
  • Knowing how to ask for help . We are not essential, knowing how to ask someone for a hand is a sign of mental independence.

It is we who have to become masters of time and not the other way around, only in this way will we be able to defeat the anxiety for time in advance. The mind must focus on pleasure and less distress. Get your timing right.




  • The anxiety of time: when and why clock and calendar become enemies (


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