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AOS + Battle Royale, NC’s new ‘Battle Crush’ play video released

NCsoft released a play video introducing details of the new fighting game ‘Battle Crush’, which was released through the first trailer on the 21st. It is characterized by adding a battle royale reminiscent of AOS such as League of Legends and a camera perspective to a battle royale in which 30 people compete at the same time.
The video was released on the 28th through NCSOFT’s official YouTube channel. Through the video, you can see characters and maps that casually reinterpreted Greek and Roman myths such as Poseidon, Urus, and Robs, and ‘Dandi’, the mascot character of NC Soft’s professional baseball team, NC Dinos, also appears.
The confrontation proceeds based on the Battle Royale rules, in which 30 players determine the final winner on a gradually narrowing battlefield. Here, AOS elements such as a camera view from a 45-degree angle, a part where characters grow by acquiring items by opening treasure chests throughout the map, characters with different skills, and bushes that ambush enemies after hiding themselves are combined.
Battle Crush will be released in the global market within this year, and supported models are PC (Steam), mobile, and Nintendo Switch. Kang Hyung-Seok, head of development for NCSOFT’s Battle Crush, said, “It is a title that faithfully contains the fun elements of combat games, such as exciting action, cute characters, and party play that anyone can easily enjoy.” We plan to showcase it so that you can enjoy it.”
On the other hand, NCsoft is disclosing new works it develops to the market from the production process through videos through Nothing, which has been promoted since last year. Through this, new titles including Battle Crush have been introduced, and videos can be viewed on NCSOFT’s official YouTube channel.



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